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Published in The Erotic Review



Published in The Erotic Review 28th August 2013
‘Derma’ got an honourable mention at the Save As Writers Competition in spring 2014, and an honourable mention in the Five Stop Story competition 2014. ‘Derma’ can be read in full at

She’s still at work even though it’s past seven. She just showered in the cubicle in the ladies’ toilets and now she’s sipping a glass of white wine at her desk, away from the party. She snuck up there before anyone else and poured herself a big one while the other P.A’s were still at their desks. He’s there now, doing whatever it is he has to do. She’d rather leave him to it. He can miss her.
Except he doesn’t leave it long enough. He comes bustling out of the lift, the ones that play radio stations, leaving a trail of pop music in the hallway as the doors open and close. He looks worried as usual.



Published in The Erotic Review 9th May 2014
Can be read in full can be read in full at

Come round, she says, Johnny’s got the kids. I baked.
It’s August. I rarely leave London but now I feel like I’m on holiday, walking to Lucinda’s. I could almost sling off my shoes.
Gina. She grins at me as she opens the door. I started without you.


‘What have I to do with you?’

Published in The Erotic Review 10th September 2014
Can be read in full at

Dermot and I broke up over football. That is what I like to tell people. I can even pinpoint the match that set everything off. Norwich City vs. Man U. The argument took off when Dermot checked the score on his phone in the middle of sex. With me.

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